Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ode to a Tree

I see you out there
Don’t think I don’t
Standing there, arms stretched up to the sun
Soaking in the Vitamin D
Swaying with each movement of the breeze
Mocking me
Taunting me
And I am undone by jealousy

I push my rolley chair back and pick up a fax
You sway forward as if moving with me
You almost touch the glass window that separates us
Then you sway back
And I notice how blue the sky is
And how black my plastic desk phone is
And I sigh

You sway again toward the window
Are you inviting me out?
Don’t you know
That I am as rooted to this reception area
As you are to the ground?
Of course you know
And you’re mocking me again

I put on my sweater
Protection from the waft of artificially cool air
Your fluttering
Surrounded by natural air
And I know it smells like lavender with hints of ozone
I should quit my job and join you outside
I won’t

You’re laughing at me again
But I’m laughing now too
Because when I put on my sweater
I remembered
In a few months you will still be rooted to the ground
But the ground will be covered with snow
And your arms encased in ice
While I will be toasty warm
With my toes wiggling under the space heater
And I won’t envy you anymore

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